Tin Shop is a creative bar and restaurant development group based in Washington, D.C. We take bars from concept to reality and we develop businesses that are neighborhood favorites.

We specialize in building venues that are comfortable, inviting and most importantly, for everyone.

Tin Shop is dedicated to building innovative establishments throughout the DC Metropolitan area. Our company is founded on the core belief that every city needs bars and restaurants where like minded individuals can gather in a fun, comfortable environment. Everyone needs a "third space" that is neither work nor home, and Tin Shop is committed to developing social anchors for new communities. We want to build places that encourage people to interact and have fun.


Create & relax

What could be better than walking into your comfy neighborhood hangout and being welcomed by friends? Sit and stay, enjoy. No worries. That's the kind of culture we create.

eat & drINK

How great is it to be living through a craft beer and cocktail boom? We love our local brewers and our bartenders are on the hunt for that special cocktail that will complement your meal.  


Find Magic

What makes a bar or restaurant feel magical when you walk through the door? We've been asking that question for many years and time after time we've found the answer. Culture, Cozy and Casual. It's that easy- the three C's.